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Sichuan Raybo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Sichuan Raybao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, is a professional engaged in gelatin and gelatin derivatives of industrial production-oriented enterprises. The company has a number of skilled technical backbone and well-trained professional team, with an annual output of bone gelatin 4000 tons (capsules with gelatin, edible additive gelatin), bone calcium phosphate 15000 tons. Companies registered capital of 95 million yuan, with total assets of about 200 million yuan.

Sichuan Raybao introduction of international advanced technology, through the scientific product structure adjustment, with a complete production technology, production equipment, mechanized assembly line operations to ensure that the company's product quality can fully meet the national standards, industry standards, international standards or customer special Customized standards.

Sichuan Raybao technical level and equipment in the national gelatin industry among the best, and served as executive director of the China Gelatin Association units.

Sichuan Raybao always adhering to the "integrity, innovation, professionalism, responsibility," the core values of enterprises, and constantly go beyond, improve the gelatin industry product quality, and strive to build the industry's leading brand manufacturers and gelatin field full range of service providers, and global enterprises to provide comprehensive Support and common development.